Case Studies

In our years of experience we have worked with a number of businesses servicing an array of marketing requirements.  We are trusted partner and an extension of our clients internal teams.  Our goal is to work with our clients to improve, implement and maintain strategies that promote business growth.

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Lead Generation Marketing

Seamans Renault Port Elizabeth

Seamans Renault Port Elizabeth is an automotive franchise dealership competing with a large number of dealerships in a relatively small metro.  Our goal is to identifying and cultivate potential customers who are in the market. With comprehensive Lead Generation we gain the interest of potential customers and provide our client with qualified leads in order to increase sales. With Qualified Lead Generation our client is able to connect with everyone who has shown an interest in the market.  It gives them a consistent base from which valuable relationships with their clients can be built.

E-commerce Marketing

Lil Peanut

Lil Peanut is a home-grown family business, specializing in the manufacturing of custom made wooden play kitchens.  With a product that appeals to a limited market, our aim here was to show the product, across various platforms, to specially selected audiences. With a user friendly website, ease to transact, a range of products and customisable options, offers and interaction, the overall online shopping experience is made desirable to consumers.  With E-commerce Marketing, tailored to their specific needs, Lil Peanut can sell and deliver their unique product nationwide.

CRO Service
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Web Design

CC Timbers

 When designing and constructing a website, the ideal is to create a website that is intuitive and easy to navigate, i.e. creating a user friendly experience.  With the Web Design for CC Timbers we strategically designed the website to combine information with visual elements.  Easily navigating from one page (or section) to the next, ensures that visitors have an enjoyable, informative and fulfilling experience.  Mission accomplished!

Web Design for E-commerce

Colourful Living

Web Design for an E-commerce website involves planning, conceptualizing and arranging content and products for effective display on the Internet.  With Colourful Living we designed and created their entire website and online store, integrating front-end operations (that which the customer sees and uses) with back-end operations (essential aspects like payments, deliveries and stock management). The Web Design project for this exciting brand fulfilled all the clients expectations while maintaining Web Design best practices.

CRO Service
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Email Marketing

Seamans Motor Group

Our aim with Email Marketing for Seamans Motor group is not so much selling as it is educating the audience on the value of the brand and to keep them engaged and informed.  Selling high ticket items require consistent effort, communication and engaging with prospective clients. With carefully constructed Email Campaigns our goal is to create relevant informative content, generating traffic to the company website and ultimately improve sales through trust and established relationships.